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Global SMT & Packaging Recognizes Next Generation Storage Device from Essemtec


The Cubus – the next-generation SMT storage device – innovates how SMT components are stored and provisioned for electronic manufacturing. For the first time, a storage device is fully user configurable and thus adapts to the ever-changing manufacturing needs. There are no limitations in terms of reel sizes, reel widths or JEDEC trays. Secondly, Essemtec''s eStorage software improves provisioning speed many fold while reducing errors and thus increases operational efficiency. Finally, the system seamlessly integrates with ERP, MRP or middle ware systems and also speaks with pick-and-place machines to automatically replenish feeders. Configure – Operate – Integrate!

The Cubus is available in two sizes to store up to 612 or 932 8mm reels. With Cubus users can reconfigure the internal layout of the system at any time to adapt to individual, up-to-date needs. The user-adjustable shelves can be varied in 5 mm steps and are auto-configured. Thus reels ranging from 8 to 72mm are easily accommodated. Moreover, the shelves occupy either two small 7" reels or one 13 or 15" reel, further optimizing packing density without compromising flexibility. The unique eStorage software allows users to map and recalibrate the new layout in less than 20 minutes (with full configuration). The system footprint, coupled with large reel diameter capability (up to 15”), makes Cubus one of the most compact yet efficient storage solutions available.

Global SMT & Packaging Recognizes Next Generation Storage Device from Essemtec

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