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LiFePO4 battery / Lithium battery / deep cycle / CE / for back up power

EverExceed Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ideal LiFePO4 Battery Solution for Energy Storage System

EverExceed LDP series lithium iron phosphate batteries are the ideal LiFePO4 battery solution for Energy Storage System, which feature with high energy density, long cycle life, good high temperature performance, ultra low self discharge rate and high safety. They can directly replace the lead acid battery for your energy storage system.


• Direct Lead Acid Battery (AGM/GEL) replacement for 10AH to 200AH.

• Faster charge.

• High energy density and conversion efficiency.

• Environmental Friendly, without any heavy metals.

• High cycle times and long service life.

• Good high temperature performance.

• Safety in use:No explosion, No fire.

• Ultra low self discharge rate <1.5%/month.

Features & Benefits:

• Long cycle life: 2000+ cycles at 100% D.O.D.;

• Light weight: higher energy density with approx. 30% weight of equivalent lead acid battery;

• High safety: with reliable and intelligent built-in BMS;

• Easy to replace lead acid battery;

• Wide applicable operating temperature range: -20℃(4℉)and +65℃(149℉)

• Long shelf life: up to 2 years without any fresh charging;

• Long service life: five times longer than the traditional lead acid battery;

• Green energy: totally environment friendly


• Wheelchair, sweeper ,electric vehicle,robot

• Solar/wind energy storage system

• UPS Backup power

• Telecommunication

• Medical equipment

• Lighting

LiFePO4 battery / Lithium battery / deep cycle / CE / for back up power

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