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Lead-acid battery / Gel battery / VRLA battery / for solar system / Solar Gel Range

EverExceed Industrial Co., Ltd.

EverExceed’s Solar Gel Range Battery / high-reliability / deep cycle / UL / CE /ISO

The EverExceed’s Solar Gel Range of valve regulated, gelled electrolyte monobloc is designed to offer reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.


- Maintenance-free (no topping up) during the whole service life

- Electrolyte will not stratify - no equalization charge required

- Increases durability and deep cycle ability for heavyduty applications

- Fully tank formed plates

- Gelled thixotropic electrolyte

- Spill-proof and leak-proof

- Very Low gassing due to internal gas recombination

- Multi-cell container

- Multiple position usage

- Reinforced ABS case and cover ¨C flame retardant material UL 94 V-0 on request

- FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous.


- Voltage: 6V / 12V Nominal

- Plate Alloy: Lead Calcium Tin

- Element, Post: Silver Plated Copper Female Insert

- Container / Cover: Reinforced ABS (UL 94 HB); Flame-retradant UL 94V-0 on request

- Charge Voltage: Cycle 2.30 to 2.35; Float 2.25 to 2.30 per cell

- Electroyte: Sulfuric Acid Thixotropic Gel

- Vent: Self Sealing (2 PSI Operation)


- Photovoltaic / Solar

- Cathodic Protection

- Navigation Aids

- Communications

- Water Pumping

- Remote Monitoring

- Refrigeration

- Lighting

- Resendential

- Wind Generation


EverExceed Gel battery is used Germany world No. 1 Sonnenshcein dryfit Gel technology and raw materials inside imported from Germany--European leading world-class AMER-SIL PVC-SiO2 separators special for Gel construction, plus Germany Evonik world -class AEROSIL @200 Gel materials to ensure our Gel battery excellent. 100% true Gel battery.

Battery is CE/ UL/ IEC approval, ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 certified. Battery complies with Telcordia SR4228 Bellcore GR-63-Core Issure1, BS 6290 Part 4, EUROBAT (IEC 896-2) standards and is recognized component of UL1989 under the Standby Battery Category (MH20944).

EverExceed’s Solar Gel Range Battery / high-reliability / deep cycle / UL / CE /ISO

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