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Suitcase type fiber laser marking machine LSF-B

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Suitcase type fiber laser marking machine LSF-B

LSF-B is a suitcase type fiber Marking machine. Aiming at the demand of lightweight portable, easy to move, HGlaser specifically develops featured products. Similar to the suitcase, it can be dragged at anytime and anywhere which can execute the laser marking only plugging in power.

This equipment is extremely cost-effective, using the high-quality fiber laser, high stability of the galvanometer system, which can easily meet most of the common laser marking applications requirements, such as metal parts, plastics character text pattern logo mark, two-dimensional code marking, laser texturing, deep engraving etc.


Suitcase style innovative body design, it can be easily put into car trunk, flexible and portable. Suitcase style laser marking equipment can meet the requirements of laser marking anytime, anywhere when plug in the power.

Processing methods:

Work piece position fixed, use the laser part flexible handheld or fixture fixed to mark.

Application areas:

1, metal (stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, etc.),

2, non-metallic (plastic, etc.) marking character,,

3, QR code

4, laser cleaning application etc.

Suitcase type fiber laser marking machine LSF-B

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