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Sheet Metal Processing

Farley Laserlab
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Sheet Metal Processing

Sheet Metal Processing

With the advantage of high precision , high speed and flexible processing ( no breaking mould ) , CNC Laser Cutting has become the preferred processing way for metal compositions in the field of sheet metal cutting , engineering machinery , slitting cutting, food machine machinery, textile machinery , agricultural machinery, computer case, electricity cabinet , elevator manufacturing and etc. High cost-performance of Farley Laserlab takes the fancy of processing workshop ,especially in the field of sheet metal and metal compositions processing.

With laser technology, customers will benefit much:

● Fast cutting speed improves production efficiency and shortens production cycle greatly;

● Narrow cuts, good cutting quality and good material adaptability improve the quality of products;

● High automation and easy operation;

● No pollution in processing and no harm to human body;

● Without tool wear, and operating and material costs are reduced;

● High reliability and strong stability can meet the demand of mass industrial production.

Sheet Metal Processing

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