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MARVEL6000 ——The Most Cost-effective Product

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MARVEL6000 ——The Most Cost-effective Product

If you want to use the laser to cut thesheet, but also want to cut the plate, and do not know what kind of lasercutting machine should be selected;

If you are in desperate need of upgrading the processing methods to cater to the two general market trends of powertoward high-end development and replacement of past carbon dioxide equipment;

If you need to choose high-power lasercutting machine, in order to cut thick non-ferrous metals, stainless steel,

so, the introduction of the Wuhan HG Laser Engineering Co.(Hereinafter referred to as “HGLaser”) MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machines give you the best choice! The most important thing is that MARVEL6000 can cover 100% metal material feeding!

In September 2017, HGLaser partnered with RAYCUS Laser to develophigh-power lasers. Thus, MARVEL6000 series CNC fiber laser cutting machines were born. This new machine has become a star product once it is released,breaking the market structure of the existing 6000W laser cutting machine and becoming the first choice model for processing station equipment updating and upgrading!

The biggest advantage of using self-developed lasers is to reduce equipment maintenance costs by 15% -20%. This is a great tool for customers to solve their problems such as investment return ratio and equipment maintenance costs.

At the same time, the introduction of world-class CNC system and servomotor,integrating self-developed special laser cutting operating system,make the operation more flexible.The products can complete any shape of the slice with high processing speed , high efficiency, low cost, and without mold or changing tool, which shortens the preparation time.

In addition, as HGLaser mastered the core technology, its service speed upgrades.With HGLaser’s best quality of after-sales service, this product can be said to save money and the most cost-effective product.

MARVEL6000 ——The Most Cost-effective Product

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