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Laser Welding Enhances The Quality Of Auto Parts

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Laser Welding Enhances The Quality Of Auto Parts

Recently, \"Automotive News\" released the 2017 global supplier list of auto parts suppliers. Bosch, ZF, and Magna are respectively in the top three, and China has five shortlisted companies this year. The best score is Yanfeng, which ranks 14th.

Every year after the global auto parts supplier top 100 list is released, everyone is looking for Chinese companies, from 1 in 2012 to 2 in 2013 to 3 in 2016. This year this figure has become Five companies, and finally some companies broke into the top fifteen, the progress of China's parts companies is obvious to all.

By leveraging advanced laser technology to improve the quality of auto parts production, speed up production efficiency, reduce production costs, and achieve Chinese brands' breakthrough in international competition, they have become a common choice for auto parts companies.

Welding is an important part of auto parts. The quality of welding is of utmost importance. Many welding methods can be used for automotive welding. However, laser welding technology can directly reduce the weight of the body, improve the assembly accuracy of the white body, and increase the stiffness and firmness greatly, also reduce the cost of car body and other parts in the manufacturing process, reducing the cost of the vehicle. So the laser welding machine is the best choice for auto parts welding.

Auto parts can reduce the number of parts and molds, reduce the number of spot welding, optimize the amount of materials, reduce the weight of parts, reduce the cost and increase the dimensional accuracy through laser welding. The strength of the steel plate after laser welding will increase by more than 30%. The width of the joint surface can be reduced, which reduces the use of the extra parts and also improves the rigidity of the car body. The welded part has no deformation, the welding speed is fast, and the welding machine does not require heat treatment, and the flexibility is strong. Therefore, the advantages of small deformation, high weld strength and high speed are achieved.

HGLaser specializes in the research and development of JKH auto parts laser welding equipment for autoparts welding. The human-machine operation is convenient, very easy for operator training. Auto parts are automatically loaded and unloaded, which can reach fast production of annual output more than 1 million pieces. The unique fixture design realizes full automatic adjustment welding for automotive components such as recliner etc.

Laser Welding Enhances The Quality Of Auto Parts

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