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Laser marking in one minute

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Laser marking in one minute

With the popularization of electronic information and one-yard application, how to realize the interaction of scanning code after the consumption of consumers is the emerging demand of beverage packaging industry. And how to achieve "one thing one yard", and ensure efficient processing, is a new challenge to the beverage packaging industry!

The main business of Shanghai ZiRi Packaging Co., Ltd is beverage pack and the key product is the high-quality plastic closures against counterfeit of plastic PET bottle for drinking water against counterfeit, including soda, tea beverage, fruit juice and flavoring, etc. The products are applied by domestic and international famous brand companies as well as thousands of domestic brands, such as Coca cola, Pepsi Cola, Uni-President and Suntory, etc. These beverage brands are increasingly in demand for interaction with consumers. Some brand hope realize the function of extracting red envelopes, integral, prizes and get the data of consumption habits through the qr code on the beverage bottle caps.

Obviously, it is difficult to realize these new requirements through the traditional ink spraying code way. So, Shanghai ZiRi Packaging Co., Ltd turned to the laser spraying. Laser spraying is also called laser marking. The unique process can make the product get more exquisite marks. Although now domestic optical fiber laser marking machine technology is increasingly mature, but most of the marking vendors would not in view of the qr code application products, no more mature software can cooperate with the production line. Shanghai ZiRi Packaging Co., Ltd hopes that the laser marking machine can be highly integrated into the production line, with a high efficiency, high definition and high precision.

After comparing several industry companies, Shanghai ZiRi Packaging Co., Ltd found some laser’s service life is limited, some energy attenuation in short-term, some low degree of integration, some on-line laser marking technology is not mature, some after-sales strength is not up to standard...Finally, HGLlaser appeared with the laser tag system of the beverage bottle. It was found to perfectly satisfied all the needs :

- Ligue transport, laser assignment, detection removal, cloud platform data upload.

- Recogniton rate of qr code is greater than 99.9%.

- Assignment speed is extremely high.

The laser tag system of HGLaser has been applied to many well-known enterprises, such as China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited, Nongfu Spring Uni-President and so on, and has accumulated rich experience. At present, the speed of the assignment can reach the highest level in the industry: currently, the production code efficiency is 700-750 / min, the maximum efficiency is 1200-1500 / min, and the other test cap efficiency is subject to the actual measurement.(the actual operating efficiency is based on the manufacturer's demand and the field test)

HGLaser Flying15U system designed for Shanghai ZiRi Packaging Co., Ltd, is mainly composed of six parts :conveying system, laser marking system, feed transmission device, visual identity and eliminate system, bottle caps, control system and air purifying system. The organ type cap cut machine meets the demand of multiple devices for laser marking at the same time, greatly improved the production efficiency.

Laser marking in one minute

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