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Is PCB Industry Ready For 5G Era?

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Is PCB Industry Ready For 5G Era?

In 2018, 5G is undoubtedly a hot topic. MOBILEWORLD CONGRESS News about initial carrier rollouts of advances in chips andequipment suggests the arrival of 5G is happening faster than expected. As thebasis of the electronics industry, now the PCB industry asks: what can we dowith this giant leap in wireless speed?

PCB laser marking traceability

A product from the storage, production,testing, delivery, need to establish a complete data traceability system inorder to achieve internal product quality control. To achieve this goal, theproduct must be text or bar coded to give the product a unique "IDcard."

l Surface material is vaporized or changed color by laser, and left apermanent mark.

l Applicable for text, drawings with low heat affecting. Highprecision, low costs, easy to operate and no pollution.

l Laser marking is becoming a stable processing technology, and usedwidely in electronics production.

PCB De-panel Laser Cutting Solution

Laser depaneling provides simple, fast,non-consumable, non-contact, non-mechanical, high-precision arbitrary shape ofthe crossed, half-cutting, cutting solutions to meet stringent manufacturingrequirements for production and processing technology of the rapid changes.

●Create a new processing mode, without a mold can be cut by CADdrawings any shape products, shorten the production cycle, the liberation ofhuman resources;

●High accuracy, low drift galvanometer combined with a servo systemplatform delivers superior micrometer cutting accuracy;

●Stress-free cutting mode and fully automatic CCD positioning systemcombine to bring the perfect cutting effect;

● High cutting speed, small heat affected zone. Heat affected layerdepth 0.05 - 0. 1mm, small thermal distortion;

● Perfect cutting quality. Incision edge smooth, no collapse, nocutting residue. The profile of complex and small radius of curvature and othercontours can achieve micron-precision cutting. Slit narrow,generally 0.1 to 1mm;

●Green cutting process to avoid the harm to the operator and theenvironment pollution;

HGLaser is the first company who entered inO-film system, applied in fingerprint modular cutting, has accumulated matureexperience, widely studied and imitated by other competitors. These laser equipmentfor PCB have launched more than 6 years, stable and reliable performance havebeen proved by global markets……

Is PCB Industry Ready For 5G Era?

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