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PCB laser marking machine

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PCB laser marking machine

Semiconductor integrated circuits are the coreof modern technology and industry. If the brain is the key to the human body,then the semiconductor integrated circuit is the “brain” of electronicproducts. In order to ensure the quality and maintain the brand image, leavinginformation marks on the semiconductor integrated circuit board is very important.However, semiconductor integrated circuits integrate active components such astransistors and diodes and passive components such as resistors and capacitorsaccording to a certain circuit, and are "integrated" on a singlesemiconductor chip. How to engrave marks on PCB without affecting the normaloperation hurts the engineers' heads. The PCB laser marking machine has demonstrated its powerful marking technology and is widely used in thesemiconductor integrated circuit industry.

In the semiconductor integrated circuit industry, PCB laser markingmachine is mainly used for line marking operations on integrated circuit boardsand semiconductor components, including text or graphic marks (bar code,two-dimensional code). Due to the non-contact processing method, no mechanicalpressure is generated, and the laser focused beam is extremely fine, enablingfine processing on small components (integrated circuits, crystal oscillators,capacitors).

HGLaser marking equipment is dedicated toon-line marking in the semiconductor integrated circuit industry. In terms oflaser marking on different materials and marking processes at differentproduction line speeds, HGLaser reserves a wealth of technologies andexperience.

HG laser automatic PCB laser marking machine is a special model formarking the barcode, two-dimensional code and characters, graphics and otherinformation on the printed circuit board. Integrated high-performance CO2/Fiberlight source, and high-pixel imported CCD camera, with micron-level mobilemodule, it can achieve automatic positioning before coding and automaticreading and rating after coding.

The device has the following advantages:

● Highresolution, good traceability, used to replace the traditional ink label paper;

● Permanentmarking, can withstand corrosive cleaning process;

● Fullyautomatic processing, saving time and effort;

● Nopollution, no expensive consumables, cost savings;

PCB laser marking machine

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