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Laser applied in PCB traceability and depaneling

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Laser applied in PCB traceability and depaneling

PCB is one of the most important componentsof the electronics industry whose industrial output value has the largestproportion among various electronic component subdivision industries, accountingfor about one-fourth. The flexible PCB board (FPC) is one of the fastestgrowing sub-sectors in the PCB industry.HGLaser is the first company who entered inO-film system, applied in fingerprint modular cutting, has accumulated matureexperience, widely studied and imitated by other competitors. These laser equipmentfor PCB have launched more than 6 years, stable and reliable performance havebeen proved by global markets……

The features of PCB laser marking machine :

*Standard config. CO2 laser, optional for fiber, UV or Green laser.

*Automatic marking with high precision and efficiency CCD positioning system, and able to check the codes after marking process.

*Integrated to the production lines. Conveyer to connect with SMT production line or with offline components feeder.

*Friendly HMI, and easy to operate. Applicable to connect with the user's own data system.

*Customized design is possible.

The features of PCB laser depaneling machine

*Create a new processing mode without a mold can be cut by CAD drawings any shape products, shorten the production cycle, the liberation of human resources;

*High accuracy low drift galvanometer combined with a servo system platform delivers superior micrometer cutting accuracy;

*Stress-free cutting mode and fully automatic CCD positioning system combine to bring the perfect cutting effect;

*Green cutting process to avoid the harm to the operator and the environment pollution;

Laser applied in PCB traceability and depaneling

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