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Why choose laser to mark on cable

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Why choose laser to mark on cable

With the increase in demand for wire and cable, increasing efficiency and compression costs have become a major problem for manufacturers, so many manufacturers are looking for new production processes. Taking the cable surface marking process as an example, the original ink coding code has been replaced by laser coding technology, and the production efficiency, processing effect and production cost have all been improved.

Consumable cost

Ink coding: The cost of consumables for an inkjet printeris 20,000-50,000 yuan per year. It is understood that the cost of ink for a medium-sized enterprise to purchase in one year is 400,000-500,000 or even millions.

Laser coding: no need for consumables costs

operation time

Ink coding: The ink printer is affected by the working environment and temperature and humidity changes, which is easy to produce the phenomenon of ink path and nozzle blockage, high failure rate and short service life.

Laser coding: It can achieve stable and continuous production for 24h, and the service life of fiber laser printercan reach more than 100,000 hours.

Marking speed

Ink coding: manual or mechanical operation, can achieve 1 or more lines of character marking, the relative speed is slow.

Laser coding: computer integrated intelligent operation, automatic feeding, automatic marking, automatic material storage, saving time; faster marking speed.

Labor cost

Ink coding: Inkjet printers have many processes, and it is necessary to continuously add ink, and the nozzles should be cleaned frequently for maintenance, and consumable storage is limited.

Laser coding: can realize automatic online flight marking and reduce the number of processes; and the development speed is fast, the marking can be changed continuously, the storage amount is large, basically no manual maintenance is needed, and the operation is simple.

As an advanced marking device, HG Laser flying marking machine is a better choice for wire and cable manufacturers because of its many advantages.

Why choose laser to mark on cable

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