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Special Beautician for machine——HGLaser cleaning machine

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Special Beautician for machine——HGLaser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning technology is a new cleaning technology which developed rapidly in the past 10 years. It replaces thetraditional cleaning process in many fields with its irreplaceable advantages such as no grinding, non-contact and no thermal effect. Laser cleaning can be used not only to clean organic contaminants, but also to clean inorganic materials, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc.

Mold cleaning

Hundreds of millions of tires are manufactured around the world every year. The cleaning of tire molds during production must be fast and reliable to save time during downtime. The laser can be used to clean the dead angle of the mold or the portion which is difficult to remove. At the same time, the process does not produce toxic gases and environmental friendly. Although the initial investment cost is high, it can be quickly recovered in terms of saving standby time, avoiding mold damage, working safety and saving raw materials.

Electronics industry cleaning

The electronics industry requires high-precision decontamination, and is particularly suitable for laser deoxidation. Before the board is soldered, the component pins must be completely de-oxidized to ensure optimal electrical contact, and the pins must not be damaged during the decontamination process. Laser cleaning meets the requirements of use and is highly efficient, requiring only one laser to be applied to one pin.

The laser cleaning equipment launched by HGLaser has the advantages of easy handling, easy automation integration, no chemical reagents, conformable surface cleaning, high cleaning cleanliness, high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and reliability, and almost no damage to the surface of the substrate. It can solve many problems that traditional cleaning cannot solve.

Special Beautician for machine——HGLaser cleaning machine

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