Cooperative belt grinder for small workpieces and large part diversity

FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH

In just a few days time FerRobotics is going to present at the Hannover Automation Fair again a top innovation for automating sensitive handcraft. Active Belt Grinder (ABG) is the latest complete solution for the active force-controlled surface processing of small and medium-sized workpieces. Deburring, grinding and polishing of highly diversive parts can now be done 100 % personnel-free.

While a robot is pressing the workpiece on, the ABG adapts intuitively to the surface flow ensuring exactly the right amount of force. Adaptive as a human hand would, but with selectable individual settings from 5 N upwards to a maximum force of 800 N and with precise force control. Autonomous sensivity, mechanically decoupled belt tension and decoupled weight fundamentally exponentiate the benefits of belt grinding. Simple integration and process modulation, compressed process steps, full process documentation additionally reduce the process costs and increase the product quality.

The benefits are speaking for themselve: no grinding marks and top quality results by 50 % less grinding steps . However, the savings potential does not only effect grinding machines and abrasives, the robot cell iteself needs far less space too. It is hardly surpring, that an asian fittings manufacturer went for this substantial technology lead even befor the official product introduction in Hannover.

Especially for the injection molding industry, pressure castings and foundries in general, sanding, grinding or polishing have remain critical sequences. Wether armatures, eyeglass frames, implants, door handles or small cast parts for the automotive industry, now, the Active Belt Grinder raises this surface processings onto a innovative automation level,

By implementing the flexible automation equipment from FerRobotics Industry 4.0 becomes the reliable new standard. Trust our competence as leading expert and visit us in hannover in hall 17/F02.

Cooperative belt grinder for small workpieces and large part diversity

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