FerRobitcs is Company of the Year


FerRobotics imparts common robots the amazing skill of tactile sense and has proven itself as a pioneer in sensitive robotics.

This is why the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce has named the high-tech trendsetter from Linz “Company of the Year” in the category innovation. Now, even in strained jobs robots are actually feeling, what they are doing. This lets them adapt to varying application environments fast and precisely, or sand/grind/deburr for example moving objects and such with irregular shapes fully automated.

“Feeling competence is an interactive intelligence that makes robots mastermind in top quality physically demanding tasks, which need high levels of sensitivity. High-end automobiles, sanitary ware up to artificial limbs now benefit from even higher surface quality. Our export quota exceeds 90 percent, from Linz FerRobotics supplies its products to the global players across all industries.”, explains Dr. Ronald Naderer, CEO from Ferrobotics.

FerRobitcs is Company of the Year

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