Asia is a central element of the FerRobotics 2020 strategy

FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH

A cornucopia of exciting robotic solutions are waiting for flexible automation

In Asia too the sensitive automation trend is on the rise, and FerRobotics is the strong local technology partner.

The first FerRobotics Asia distributor meeting in Bangkok was the starting pistol for the FerRobotics 2020 strategy. Guests from GM, Honda and 3M were welcomed with pleasure. The well-known participants were excited by the extent to which robots are able to perform complex production tasks with active force control and to adapt intelligently to a changed situation. The large amount of existing manual work in the region offers a cornucopia of exciting robotic solutions.

The best distributors were ceremonially honored for their previous exceptional successes. In close partnership, the qualified FerRobotics distributor network supports its customers and remains effective on the road to success.

A central highlight of the event was the announcement of the 2017 product innovation, an entirely new line of FerRobotics products which will be presented to the wider automation audience at the Industrial Automation Show in Hannover in April.

The FerRobotics distributor meeting in Bangkok convincingly confirmed just how ready the Asian market is for contact-sensitive automation. As a result of the sensational response from all partners, FerRobotics will be making this Asian strategy meeting a regular sensitive automation event in the future.

FerRobotics Distributor Award
FerRobotics Distributor Award

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