FerRobotics Continues Internationalization Progress in Asia


Signing of Distributor Agreement with TAIHEI BOEKI Co. Ltd

Asia is one of the key regions, where FerRobotics succeeded to serve future orientated automation trends as a reliable technology partner. A new strategic cooperation in Japan again confirms the success course of FerRobotics’ contact-sensitive automation solutions. TAIHEI BOEKI Co., Ltd. is FerRobotics’ strong and experienced distributor for Japan, a genuine partner who fully accompanies the ambitious customer network.

The cooperation with TAIHEI BOEKI Co., Ltd. in Japan is another giant step on the road of internationalization. This road of success is committed to an international network of distributors in the significant market regions. However, China, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan are now followed by Japan, the core regions in the Asian success story. The contact-sensitive robotics solutions of FerRobotics create a technological upswing on innovation and contribute to the sophisticated conversion to Industry 4.0.


The extremely user friendly and patented end-of-arm solutions of the Austrian technology leader appeal to industrial high performance process optimization and automotive applications. Thus, equipping robots with a distinct skill – tactile sense. Asia is a major pillar in the FerRobotics Strategie 2020. Significantly growing markets hold enormous potential for the specialists in sensitive robotics.

Well-known partners in the automotive and aviation industry rely on the innovations from FerRobotics as well as middle sized manufacturers. They all benefit from a considerably increased production output in quantity and quality by automating complex job flows and contact-relevant processes.

FerRobotics and  TAIHEI BOEKI Co. Ltd signing distributor agreement for Jaoan
FerRobotics and TAIHEI BOEKI Co. Ltd signing distributor agreement for Jaoan

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