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FLIR Systems

Visitors to this year’s Elfack Exhibition will see several new camera models with many new innovative features

ELFACK 2017, GÖTEBORG 9th – 12th May 2017

Booth – E04:22

Thermal imaging to prevent the failure of both high and low voltage installations and to ensure their safe operation is now standard practise. It is a powerful, non-invasive method for which the name FLIR is world-renowned. The company is market leader in this field and continually develops the technology to make problem diagnosis even quicker and more effective. Indeed, visitors to this year’s Elfack Exhibition will see several new camera models with many new innovative features.

Making their first public appearance in Sweden are the new FLIR E75, E85 and E95. These wi-fi enabled cameras feature intelligent interchangeable lenses, laser-assisted autofocus modes and area measurement functionality, improvements to the patented FLIR MSX® imaging technology and a larger, more vibrant 4-inch touchscreen. These are also the first Exx-Series camera to offer UltraMax®, the FLIR embedded super-resolution process that improves effective resolution by four times and thermal sensitivity by up to 50%.

UltraMax® was first introduced in the FLIR T-Series models. This camera range - designed for professional thermographers - includes the FLIR T1K, the world’s first 1024 x 768 pixels handheld model and features a rotating optical block for easy imaging whatever the application. In total, eight models complete the FLIR T-Series, each providing class-leading sensitivity for outstanding image quality and accurate problem diagnosis. At Elfack, the latest developments in this range will be unveiled too.

Continuous condition and safety monitoring with thermal imaging is easily achieved with the FLIR A-Series cameras, the latest models of which will be at Elfack 2017. The FLIR AX8, for example, combines thermal and visual modes in a single and affordable package, providing continuous temperature monitoring and alarm capabilities to protect critical electrical and power generation assets. It helps guard against outages, service interruptions and failures while eliminating the need for periodic manual scans.

FLIR Systems’ development of the Lepton™ thermal micro core, the size of a mobile SIM, has allowed thermal imaging to be repackaged to meet the needs of an even wider audience. In combination with another new FLIR technology called Infrared Guided Measurement - IGM™ - the micro core has led to the development of a range of test and measurement meters with imaging capability.

IGM™ will be a main focus on the FLIR stand as it dramatically reduces troubleshooting time. It allows maintenance professionals to work smarter and more efficiently by visually guiding them to temperature problems that are invisible to the naked eye. In this way IGM™ elevates test tools to a whole new level of functionality, saving valuable maintenance time.

This technology is now provided on a wide range of FLIR Test and Measurement tools including clamp meters and multimeters. Having located the overheating fault with thermal imaging, the user quantifies and confirms values on the meters. The complete range of Test and Measurement tools with this capability will be on the FLIR stand for visitors to try IGM™ for themselves.

FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera - electrical inspection
FLIR E95 thermal imaging camera - electrical inspection

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