The world's most popular waterjet

Flow Europe GmbH

Flow is the innovation leader in the field of waterjet cutting technology and holds more patents than all other players combined. We sold already well over 12 thousand systems worldwide for all kind of applications. So we know, what really matters for you.

To celebrate Flow Europe’s 35th anniversary, we have put all of our experience and knowledge into a special anniversary edition of the Mach 3b System, with the goal of giving you the highest revenue for your business.


The Mach 3 is the most popular system in the industry. It has a field proven technology with thousands of installations – more than any other waterjet cutting machine. It was built to provide many years of accurate performance on an integrated and compact platform.

Enjoy working with the world’s first fully integrated 3D modelling and pathing software package. Flow was the first, and currently is the only one in the waterjet industry, that enable customers to work directly with solid models.

Import 3D models from any CAD package, or create them with ease. The pathing will be done over the same model, which is exclusive to Flow!

Direct pathing allows you to cut and/or modify your design directly, without any need to redesign features that cannot be cut by waterjet.

Additionally, its user friendly interface enables you to create a 3D model faster than any other regular 3D CAD software.

The world's most popular waterjet

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