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EWS winding-unwinding machine for applying Hotmelt and PUR adhesives


Meler has created the EWS winding-unwinding machine for the continuous application of Hotmelt and PUR adhesives on PVC substrates and textiles. Thanks to its modular design, it adapts to each customer's specific needs.

The coating head can be adjusted to different application widths and for a variety of substrates, thus ensuring an even and continuous application. The adhesive can be supplied by a variety of external melters. These are capable of providing high flows of adhesive, also ensuring the right grammage across the entire application width.

It has an automatic recoil if the application stops, to ensure that 100% of the adhesive remains on the substrate, resulting in more effective use of the material and lower production costs. A loading cell also controls proper material tension at all times to ensure an even application and full rewinding.


• The structure is designed to facilitate access to all machine areas.

• Equipped with a head-to-substrate approximation system that prevents damage due to drum-changing stops.

• Its design enables single drum-threading.

• Equipped with an automatic cleaning system.

• Manual drum loading and unloading is fast and easy

The Focke Meler winding-unwinding machine is intended for the automotive and textile industries. A high-quality, robust, efficient product that is easy to use.

EWS winding-unwinding machine for applying Hotmelt and PUR adhesives

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