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Trust is the best starting point to build a great solution and the specially-adapted coating roller for the Antolín Group is a good example of this.

When a customer knocks on the door of Focke Meler looking for answers to a need, we immediately set the wheels in motion to find the best solution to the problem, with efficiency, simplicity and speed.


The experience with the Antolín Group and the coating roller


The Antolín Group is the leader in the design and production of components for fitting out the interior of a vehicle. It manufactures roofs, doors, seats, lighting components and panels. It is present in 26 countries, with 161 production plants and 25 technical-sales offices. For the Antolín Group, flexibility and creativity in materials and processes is essential, which is why it has maintained a close relationship with Focke Meler for more than a decade.

The Antolín Group recently presented us with a challenge: they were looking for a reliable supplier that would enable them to stop working with PU glues and replace them with hot melt glues. In short, the Antolín Group needed to apply PUR and hot melt to its coatings and apply PUR, Polyolefins and PSA hot melt adhesives piece by piece. With these types of adhesives, the gluing cycle time is reduced considerably compared to PU adhesives, which require a very long drying time. Faced with the need to find a technical and professional solution, the Antolín Group asked Focke Meler for advice.


The piece-by-piece application of upholstery involved the supply of adhesive on parts located inside the vehicle. The challenge involved finding the formula to apply this adhesive with precision, in an individualised way on each part and with the exact amount of adhesive at all times.

Customisation from standard equipment


Focke Meler's work philosophy is based on the premise of offering custom solutions in systems for the application of adhesives and sealants based on our standard products. In this way, we manage to design the perfect solution without raising the final price.


In this case, we decided to start from the Focke Meler coating roller and introduce the precise variants according to the specific needs expressed by the Antolín Group for this task.




The advantages of the Meler coating roller


The starting technology of Meler's coating roller guarantees the following:


• The application of thermoplastic adhesives on PVC and Foam composite materials, compatible with any type of thermoplastic adhesive and PUR.


• Allows piece-by-piece adhesion, regardless of size, enabling configuration according to the different coating widths and substrate required, helping to optimise production and guarantee its quality.


• Application of the totally uniform adhesive. It adapts to different types of grammages, controlling and facilitating the choice of grammage of the adhesive for each part.


• Any vibration is eliminated, since its steel structure has a robust design that makes vibrations disappear.


• Easy to operate and simple control panel. Its easy operation allows you to choose the stand-alone option, melting the adhesive from the roller itself to apply it, or the mode of feeding it by an external melter.


• Significant adhesive, maintenance and cleaning cost savings: an independent speed and temperature control system for each component, a PTFE coating and an airtight tank lid for optimum conservation of the adhesive, facilitate these tasks.


• Immediate and professional technical assistance in more than 50 countries.



Customised coating rollers for each situation


The Focke Meler coating roller for hot melt and PUR adhesives provides the necessary technology to apply thermoplastic adhesives to PVC and Foam composite materials and adapt to the specific needs of each customer, as in the case experienced and outlined with the Antolín Group.


If you would like to obtain more information about the Focke Meler coating roller, resolve any query or enquire about a specific need, do not hesitate to contact us.


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