sulfur dioxide analyzer / hydrogen sulfide / in-situ

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OMA-3510 SO2/H2S ratio analyzer

The OMA-3000 Series SO2/H2S ratio analyzer is a new-generation sulfur ratio instrument developed by Focused Photonics Inc (FPI). It adopts modularized and all-solid state ultraviolet process beam-splitting light spectrum measuring technique, sampling/measurement integration probe etc., and can easily solve these problems.

Existing Measuring Methods Cant Effectively Solve the Following


● Working conditions presents sulfur vapor and moisture, impacting on the measurement

● COS, CS2 and sulfur vapor in Working conditions are also absorbed in ultraviolet band, impacting on the measurement

● H2S is poisonous, inflammable and explosive, difficulty in installation and maintenance

● This measurement point is in closed loop control, and the existing instruments response time is low

Product Features

■ Integration probe design, in-situ measurement, quick response time

■ Unique condensation measurement technique, effectively eliminating the disturbance of sulfur vapor;

■ Measuring of many components at the same time, eliminating the disturbances of Sv and other sulfides;

■ All solid state spectrometer, with no moving parts and is reliable;

■ Easy installation and with strong environmental adaptation and little maintenance.

sulfur dioxide analyzer / hydrogen sulfide / in-situ

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