spectrum analyzer / NH3 / HCl / NO2

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OMA-3000 Process UV Spectrum Analyzer

The OMA-3000 series process spectroscopy analyzer adopts advanced diode array detection, optical fiber transmission and chemometric algorithm technology etc, which can realize the real-time analysis of process gas concentration.

OMA-3000 consists of the main parts such as light source, spectroscopy and spectrum collection, optical fiber, measurement chamber, data treatment and display, input and output etc, among which, the light source can be blinking xenon lamp or continuous deuterium lamp; the detection range of spectrum is 190-450nm(ultraviolet/visible light); the measurement chamber is usually set externally, including the structural forms of direct pass, return, in situ and integrated etc, applicable for different working conditions; data treatment and display use 32-bit high performance ARM treatment chip and WinCE operation system, the operation manner adopts touch screen.

OMA-3000 can be widely applied to the real-time gas analysis in the fields of industrial process, environmental protection etc, it can realize the concentration analysis on the gases which can absorb the light within ultraviolet/visible light wave band, including S02, NO, NO2, CL2, H2S, HCL and NH3 etc.

Product Features

■ Measures multiple compositions at the same time, with large dynamic scope, supporting

automatic measurement range switching;

■ Adopts the full spectrum measurement and chemometric algorithm, with high precision and nice repeatability;

spectrum analyzer / NH3 / HCl / NO2

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