Criteria Emission Monitoring

FPI, Juana Zhong
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Exhaust stack measurement

Referring to different industries requirements, FPI will provide unique CEMS solution service, which can detect flue emission from incineration, cement plant and other plants. It is easy for local government to supervise and manage environment.

Continuous Online Emission Monitoring
Continuous Online Emission Monitoring

This figure introduces how emission monitoring system is operating in stack and how different modules connect with each other. System Features - CEMS all-route heat tracing (120℃~180℃)from probe, sampling line through to gas cell. - Coal fired industries: LGA all-route heat tracing (240℃) from probe, sampling line through to gas cell. - Non-coal fired industries: cross-stack LGA ensures no sampling no NH3 loss and very low detection limit. - Patented probe features overlaid filtration holes, internal/external dual back flush and corrosion proof lining.

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