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The strength of F.lli Giacomello s.n.c. has always been the ability to establish a unique and privileged relationship with the customer. This peculiarity leads the company to customize and develop together with its interlocutor the level suitable for every need and condition of use, as happens for the IEG: levels made to measure for the customer, for lengths and points of intervention. In the IEG range there are 3 levels that expand the possibilities of application because they are completely in PVC:

- IEG-PVC-1/2: they have been designed to guarantee, with maximum safety, the detection of the level of liquids in tanks containing corrosive and non-corrosive substances. Thanks to their totally PVC construction they are particularly suitable as an application in chemical industries.

You can control from 1 to a maximum of 4 points with SPST contacts.

The indicator must be assembled in a vertical position, with the warning that the float is away from ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks, etc.) minimum 35mm.

When the indicator float in its travel meets the Reed switch incorporated in the tube at the predetermined distance, the contact, solicited by the magnet housed in the float, opens or closes, thus having the possibility of remotely sending a light recall signal , acoustic or interrupt any electrical equipment connected to it.

Maximum working pressure: 5 Bar Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 60 ° C

- IEG-PVC-MP: they have the same basic characteristics as IEG-PVC-1/2. What differentiates them, is that with IEG-PVC-MP you can control from 1 to a maximum of 9 points with SPST contacts.

- IEG-PVC-GCL: the electromagnetic reed-resistance chain indicators allow a precise and constant indication of the fluid level, regardless of its electrical conductivity, pressure and temperature and the presence of foams in it; they have an essentially simple structure, since the only moving part is the float which, depending on the flow or flow of the liquid, flows along a pipe.

The floatation houses inside a toroidal magnet, the field of which operates, without physical contact, small reed contacts placed inside the sliding tube. The activation of these contacts allows the gradual insertion or disconnection of the resistances, also placed they are inside the sliding tube, allowing continuous reading of the liquid level.

The resistive signal thus generated can be used directly by devices that accept such structured inputs, or by means of an Ohm - 4 / 20mA converter it can drive most of the electronic devices on the market (PLC).

These level indicators have several advantages:

- Constant and continuous indication of the level with high repeatability accuracy.

- Linear indication of the level, regardless of the shape of the tank and the distance between the level indicator and the tank walls.

- Remote indication of the measurement and possibility of piloting additional controls.

Precision and functionality, single or multiple control points, the material with which they are made, are all features that make this level the best answer to every need.





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