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maximum precision for dirty liquids and not

The Rapid Level series has always been the unmistakable mark of F.lli Giacomello, appreciated throughout the world for its flexibility, security and ease of use .

This set is part of the RL with 2 Floats, which like the other series products can be used for dirty liquids , water, oils, coolants and oils tolerate the presence of ferrous metal particles also , thanks to the float that does not bring a magnet and is integral with the rod .

In addition to these , the RL/G2 has many features that make it a truly unique level :

Ensures a total security , determined by the fact that the electrical part is totally separate in the side of the reservoir and perfectly sealed with respect to the outer side, by means of ultrasonic welding and resin pin .

The body is nylon - glass , extremely durable in terms of chemical and ideal as an insulating container of reed contacts .

The series RL/G2 has the head that carries two control rods and two floats .

Each control rod may switch the signal 1 or 2 Reed ( in simple contact or exchange ) . Each head can therefore contain from 2 to 4 and Reed each auction can be chosen as the most suitable scheme .

In the event of excessively dense liquid two floats can be requested totally separated.

The minimum distance between the two points to be checked and 90mm .

Operating temperature, is -20 to +80 ° C and on demand can be up to 120 ° C , at a maximum pressure of 10 Bar

You can get the desired length by simply cutting the steel rod , with a simple cutter , or you can vary the operating point of using a float with a hole that allows you whenever there is a need to modify the point of check the fluid level you want.

RL/G2 : level switches patented by unique characteristics .


level switches patented by unique characteristics

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