LMU + IE1, LMU + IE2

Barbara Cinicola
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solid levels, universal levels

F.lli Giacomello, with its visual levels, offers its customers products of the highest quality and suitable for every need, such as LMU + IE1, LMU + IE2.

These levels have been designed to provide visual and electromagnetic control of liquids in tanks with the ability to remotely send a light, acoustic signal, activate or interrupt the electrical circuit connected to it.

The electromagnetic control can be of minimum or maximum (or minimum and maximum).

The electromagnetic level is incorporated in the junction block, the electrical connector on the side of the lower block if the level is only minimum, higher if it is only a maximum, on both the blocks if it is of minimum and maximum.

To have the connector in the most suitable position for the connection of the wires (left or right side), simply rotate the screen by 180 °. The tubes are in methacrylate or pyrex glass and the locking screws in nickel-plated brass threaded 3/8 "GAS or INOX Aisi 316.

They can be used in hydraulic power units, or in tanks containing water, gas oil, mineral oils with viscosity not higher than 80 ° E and all other liquids except for acids or flammable substances.

Another important feature that makes the product extremely versatile is the customizable wheelbase.

The two series differ in the number of electrical contacts.

In the most complete version (LMU + IE / 2) you have two contacts, minimum and maximum level. On request, they are equipped with a bimetallic thermometer with a probe length of 70 mm and a chromium-plated cast brass body Ø 40 mm, scale from 0 ° to 120 ° C (the thermometer is incorporated into the locking union).

Sturdy and customizable levels, unique levels.

LMU + IE1, LMU + IE2
LMU + IE1, LMU + IE2

visual levels

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