Unique: Planetary Mill with a variable transmission ratio

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In contrast to conventional Planetary Mills, the rotational speed of the grinding bowls and supporting disk can be configured separately in the Vario-Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 4 classic line with 2 working stations.

Your advantage: A single mill for mechanical activating and alloying providing optimum grinding conditions suited to the respective mate-rial to be ground and the size of the grinding bowls and balls! For re-sults that cannot be achieved with other Ball Mills.

Your advantage due to the Variable Transmission Ratio

The PULVERISETTE 4 classic line also operates according to the Planetary Principle, but the transmission ratio between grinding bowls and supporting disk is variable adjustable. Your advantage: You can directly influence the movement and paths of the grinding balls: Depending on the setting, you can obtain high impact energy or high friction, according to your needs, or have your PULVERISETTE 4 classic line operate as a Centrifugal Mill. You are free to choose all intermediate levels and combinations between fric-tion-based and impact-based comminution.

This makes the mill uniquely versatile.

Overview of the features:

- Flexible configurable grinding conditions: impact and/or friction

- Rotational speed up to 400 rpm

- Ideal for mechanical alloying and activation

- Simultaneous processing of up to 4 samples

- Especially suited for material research and development applica-tions

- Ultimate fineness down to 0.1 μm

- Useful capacity of 2 x 0.5 ml to 2 x 225 ml

- Bowl sizes 12 ml, 45 ml, 80 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml capacity

FRITSCH Plus: Measurement of gas pressure and temperature

The Vario-Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 4 classic line can be com-bined with the GTM-System for measuring of the gas pressure and temperature during grinding. This turns your mill into an analytical measuring system.

Test the FRITSCH Vario Planetary PULVERISETTE 4 classic line!

Send us your most difficult sample – we will carry out a complimen-tary sample grinding for you. Compare for yourself!

Vario-Planetary Mill  PULVERISETTE 4  classic line
Video Planetary Mills classic line

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