Relaunch of the FRITSCH Homepage

Selina Krieger

A few day ago, the redesigned FRITSCH website went online.

A few day ago, the redesigned FRITSCH website went online.

In addition to numerous languages as for example Italian, Spanish, France, Russian and Chinese, we now offer an own Website for Portuguese customers. Besides invisible changes like for example an update of the content management system the layout was completely overhauled.

Decisive for a relaunch were besides the technical improvements, also an improvements in user-friendliness. Instead of pages with too much information we concentrated on the essence and now offer a modern layout with powerful photos and logically divided content. The separation of the homepage in milling and sizing is obsolete now and therefore improving navigation.

Here a brief overview of the most important new features:

Utilizing the Geo IP for contacting FRITSCH

You can see the appropriate point of contact of your respective country.

Each customer worldwide can see the appropriate point of contact of each respective country for which they are responsible for. This means for example that customers from Germany see our German application consultants and customers from France see the French point of contact.

Product finder

Very convenient is our new product finder, here were the different user behaviors of visitors navigating the homepage taken into account. With the modules sample preparation and particle sizing, you can search directly for instruments or with the solutions finder (Your Application) you can easily filter according to different industries and find the corresponding applications and the matching laboratory instruments. On the intro pages of the relative product groups is a corresponding product finder. By filtering several categories it is possible to find the suitable laboratory instruments.


With the new Inquiry feature it is simple for you to generate an offer with just a few clicks. Simply add the desired products to your shopping card and send the inquiry to FRITSCH. Our quotations department will send you an individual offer shortly!

Product Comparison

On the intro pages of the corresponding product groups, the most important features of an instrument become visible by simply hovering over an instrument with a mouse cursor, offering a first comparison. The instrument pages contain once more a comparison of the instruments and now at once the technical data of instruments within a group are visible.

New Website 2017
New Website 2017

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