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End Track-out and Dust Problems with MobyDick

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MobyDick Wheel Washing Systems

Whenever contaminated trucks from construction sites, mines, harbours, landfills, dumpsites or industrial areas drive out directly onto the public roads, MobyDick Wheel Washing Systems can prevent dangerous contamination from getting onto the roads and highways. As a further positive effect, pollution of the air by dust around the areas is also considerably reduced.

A common area of application for wheel washing systems is the bulk industry. In past years, FRUTIGER has successfully installed various wheel washing systems in this sector. Harbours are a typical location, as large amounts of bulk material are on- and off-loaded from ships, stored and transported out using trucks. Material falling out of the wheel-loader buckets or from the conveyor belts contaminates the stocking area. From there, the trucks carry the mud onto the public roads. The problem is more even severe, because harbours are typically located near urban centres. Similar problems are also common in steel works. The handling of incoming coal and the outgoing ash creates mud and dust in the work area. Due to the high number of transports made by rail in the industry, FRUTIGER has also developed a washing system for rail freight wagons.

As every site is different depending on the type of soiling, the number of trucks per hour and the spatial conditions, FRUTIGER offers an extended range of different MobyDick standard models, in addition to special tailor-made solutions with many aspects. A drive-through system that is easy to use and has very low maintenance requirements is usually recommended for the bulk industry. A typical washing process only takes 30 seconds, which is important given the unsteady amount of traffic in many bulk handling operations. After an incoming truck has automatically activated the washing process, the vehicle can pass through the fully-galvanised system at a walking pace and the wheels and the undercarriage are washed out using a well-arranged low-pressure nozzle pattern. The wash water remains in a closed circle and is constantly recycled for the next wash, minimising water use.

MobyDick experts are based all over the world, helping industry by reducing their track-out and dust problems and lowering their cleaning costs.

End Track-out and Dust Problems with MobyDick

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