GEMÜ inaugurates the surface-technology centre

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New building in the Hohenlohe industrial estate

It is just five years since the European Production and Logistics Centre for the valve specialist GEMÜ opened in Kupferzell and we again have cause to celebrate: GEMÜ is opening another building. In June, the inauguration ceremony for the new surface-technology centre (OTZ) took place with a small group of attendees along with those involved in the construction project. Another milestone in GEMÜ's history.

An area of 4000 square metres has now been developed in the second phase of construction. Production and Logistics are bringing together all skills and expertise in the surface-technology centre, such as the polishing department and welding shop, but also the completely newly formed electro-polishing sector, including electroplating. This strengthening of the core skills in their own company results in improved assessment and potential for optimization for the surfaces that are produced. Despite the added capacity, the lead times and methods of communication are short; the new work steps take place hand-in-hand with other trades. This optimizes the process chain thanks to deeper integration of the surface inspection, cleaning, pickling and electro-polishing into the production procedures. Media can be analytically monitored in the company's own chemical laboratory. "The objective is to raise the surface processing to a whole new level, and to redefine the core skills," says Gert Müller.

Customers also benefit from more extensive knowledge and consulting expertise. "If you are not concentrating on quality, then you are backing the wrong horse," according to Gert Müller.

GEMÜ is on course for further growth. A new administrative building is already being planned, Gert Müller reveals.

GEMÜ inaugurates the surface-technology centre
GEMÜ inaugurates the surface-technology centre

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