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Softlink Provides Core of Total Solution of Power Battery Industry

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iDEABOX series products are Softlink’s industrial Internet control system integrated with industrial Internet technology, logic control, motion control. It adopts multi-core real-time multi-task system and has high-speed data process ability, motion control and strong logic management function with real-time performance of microsecond level. It’s also an open platform suitable for development of almost all industries’ complex process.

iDEABOX can perform device data service with its powerful network and data attributes. As a media of data exchange, it can realize multi-device data interaction, cleaning, encryption and uploading, which is the core to realize automatic production line and smart factory.


Optimized Structure Design

-Modular construction, flexible extension;

-Fan-less design, excellent cooling performance of pads made of die casting aluminum alloys.

Strong Performance

-Support up to 64-axis synchronized motion control, can provide ten thousands of cam sheets for high-speed winding and high-speed lamination process;

-Support up to 32-task concurrent execution, minimum scan cycle reaches 1ms;

-Intel 4-core processor, faster and stronger computing power, nanosecond-level -Boolean instruction execution time;

-Support communication interfaces of EtherCAT, CANopen, Modbus (RS232), Ethernet, gLink, USB;

-Support various encryption methods to protect users and intellectual property effectively;

-Support machine vision;

-Local high-speed I/O for high-speed input and output

Infinite Extension

-Maximum extension to 65535 I/O through EtherCAT bus

-Maximum extension to 2048 I/O through gLink bus

Industrial Internet

-Can embed industrial private cloud platform client side;

-Easy realization of integrated application with mobile Internet

Programming Software Conformed to International Standard Specifications

-Support 6 programming languages: Instruction List (IL), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), Sequential Function Chart (SFC) and Continuous Functional Chart (CFC);

-Support the motion control module which conforms to PLCopen standard



iDEABOX in Power Battery Industry

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