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Computerized Programmable Automation Controller (CPAC) Solution in Packaging Industry

Googol Technology (HK) Limited
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Computerized Programmable Automation Controller (CPAC) Solution in Packaging Industry

Introduction to CPAC

Computerized Programmable Automation Controller (CPAC) developed by Googol Technology is a highly integrated development platform specialized for machine control system and factory automation. It consists of both hardware and software portions. The hardware part includes industrial PC, multi-axis motion controller, PLC, on-site networks and HMI technology. The software part includes a powerful program development tool named OtoStudio which is IEC61131-3 compatible programming environment with many extra functions.

System Overview

Food, medicine, beverage, tobacco and other industries will need product packaging, packaging equipment. There are many types of packaging equipment, such as filling machines, sealing machines, wrapping machines etc. Generally speaking, packaging equipment is one that requires multi-axis precise synchronized control and multiple I/O control.

System Principle

Packaging equipment is made up of control system, servos mechanism, machine tool body etc. Its control system consists of HMI, motion control function module, logic control function module. The HMI realizes the human machine interaction, the motion control functions module makes precise synchronous control of every axis possible, the logic functions module realizes loading and unloading, sensor signals control etc.

System Configuration

By below a real life example of a three servo pillow packaging machine using Googoltech's CPAC, one can better understand the application of Googoltech's CPAC in packaging industry as well as other applications:

• Controller: CPAC-OtoBox-UCT2-4PV

• HMI: ACC6-PN5-T12-K8

• Local I/Os

• OtoStudio: The software development platform of pillow packaging machine

• Servo mechanism: AC servo drive + AC servo motor

System Evaluation

Googoltech's CPAC is simple yet efficient development platform to shorten the development cycle of products, reduce system development and production cost. The integration of the system enhances the system stability, the use of E-CAM functions enhance the packaging preciseness. The realization of remote diagnosis functions helps to cut the maintenance cost. The packaging speed can reach 200 packs per minute and the packaging error is less than 1mm.

Packaging Industry
Packaging Industry

System Diagram

Computerized Programmable Automation Controller (CPAC) Solution in Packaging Industry

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