With individual cabinet solutions häwa defines the customer-specific standards

häwa GmbH
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“häwa-route” from A to D:

Route A presents at häwa the classic warehouse and catalogue range for which the customer himself carries out the individualization. A well thought-out cabinet concept is therefore a mandatory precondition. häwa shows a modular cabinet available from stock, type H395 with KF1000 RD cooling unit and mounting plate which is able to take in the standard components just as for example circuit breakers, SPS and inverters. A 19” swiveling frame that can for example take in the control technology for an assembly line can be integrated without difficulty and will be set in front of the mounting plate as second level. The KF 1000 RD cooling unit has an external vaporizer, no filter and is therefore maintenance-free.

Route B describes cabinets that indeed consist mainly from standard components but nevertheless show special features as for example individual excavations and special single components. As an example häwa shows a cabinet that was specially manufactured for the control unit of a great cooling plant. It was already painted customer-specific in shade RAL 5015 (blue) and equipped with all excavations needed for a touch screen and an indicator light in the door, as well as cutouts for ventilation in the side walls, including all filter fans. Furthermore, the cabinet has a UL-approval for export.

Four route C häwa implements individually the customer''s design specifications. This may begin with customer-specific dimensions, go over a customer-specific installation system and possibly end with a special surface treatment. The cabinet has a customer-specific design with a double winged door (outside/inside), a special inclined rain shield with protective grid against insects, a particularly stable pedestal, a door with acrylic glass and Nema 3R filter fan as well as a customer-specific painting in shade RAL 2010 (orange). The cabinet as well as the required cooling unit, with a cooling capacity of 1500 W, are made from stainless steel V2A.

With individual cabinet solutions häwa defines the customer-specific standards

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