Cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets from häwa

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häwa''s new KF1900 EX-P cooling unit was designed for the application as attachment in the EX-P area and is deliverable with an enclosure from sheet steel or stainless steel. The EX-P cooling unit provides the degree of protection IP65 and the installed fans are approved for temperature class T4 (EX approvals external fans II 2G EEx d IIC T4). The display in front for the indication and adjustment of all parameters is placed behind a special protective cover. The KF1900 EX-P cooling unit is very easy to maintain, deliverable in versions of roof construction and of sidewall extension and is particularly well suited for the customer-specific application in the chemical sector, on offshore platforms or in refineries.

häwa''s cooling unit KF 1000 RD with sheet steel enclosure that is executed without filters and therefore, requiring little maintenance benefits from a slim design and minimal installation depth concerning partial installation. It offers a useful cooling output of 1000 Watt through its integrated condensate vaporization and was designed for an operating temperature range of +20°C to +50°C.

häwa''s product portfolio includes a number of cooling units with condenser in Microchannel Technology and a useful cooling. Furthermore, the efficiency level of the devices increases since a part of the saved depth is used in order to achieve a more efficient flow of air around the condenser. Through the smaller size less refrigerants are needed (approximately 40% less than with conventional condenser tube-set), what significantly reduces the weight of the cooling units and contributes at the same time to environmental protection. From a useful cooling output of 1400 W, the devices offer an integrated condensate vaporization.

Filter fans with EC-Technology from häwa are executed very flat (only 6 mm looming) and offer an autonomous and infinitely variable rotational speed regulation. The EC-Technology involves that the fan runs with only a partial load and the rotational speed is adjusted by a module of the respective temperature inside the cabinet. Moreover, life expectancy of the device increases through less processes of switching on and off.

Cooling and ventilation solutions for cabinets from häwa

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