Large portfolio of tools for perforating and punching from häwa for customers who still “putter around” themselves

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Punching tools from häwa for working on sheet steel (up to 3.2 mm), stainless steel sheet (up to 2.5 mm), aluminum sheet (up to 4.0 mm) and plastic (up to 6.0 mm) with punching pumps are location-independent and economically applicable. In addition, they are simple and clean in application and the punching waste is easily removable. Dies with a cross-line mark facilitate the exact alignment. Also existing outbreaks can be extended with special punching tools. Since they operate free from burrs, a reworking is not necessary. Punching tools from häwa are also available according to customer requirements.

If there are no holes häwa''s step drill bits and “twist drill with thread cutter” come into operation. Step drill bits operate nearly free from burrs and are suitable for drilling round gaps as well as thin sheet metals up to a diameter of 30.5 mm. Due to a sharp drill bit pre-drilling is not necessary. The “twist drill with thread cutter” drills and cuts threads in a single working step and without any tool change which brings you significant savings in time during the application. They are available for metric standard threads and fine threads.

The mobile and powerful hydraulic pull cylinder Power 25 offers a stroke of 40 mm concerning significantly increased traction force in comparison to a standard cylinder.

The Quick-Press 400 with a usable operating depth up to 400 mm is ideally suited for the workshop equipment for a quick and precise punching of holes without pre-drilling of enclosures, terminal boxes, small doors, cable entry plates and plain plates. Even enclosures with a depth of up to 300 mm can be punched at the enclosure bottom with this press. Round holes up to a diameter of 40.5 mm, square holes up to 25.4 mm and rectangular holes up to 35 mm diagonal are possible in 2.5 mm sheet steel. The punch or rather die can be used at the top or at the bottom.

Furthermore, the Quick-Press 400 is equipped with all conveniences: besides the double-acting hydraulic cylinder with a laser center-indication it has an easy running, ball bearing depth stop and a switchable electric control with automatic operation or inching operation. An adjustable time relay controls the back stroke concerning following punches.

Large portfolio of tools for perforating and punching from häwa for customers who still “putter around” themselves

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