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häwa is well-known for control cabinet and enclosure solutions for robots. But what has that to do with the Tour de France, which runs until July 23rd? In fact, it has a little to do with

While the dairy cows enjoy their breakfast in the early morning on the lush green meadows near the small village Seeg in the Allgäu region and the main Alpine ridge in the south is so bright in the sun as if somebody had raised a photo wallpaper, Oliver Rück opens the doors of his häwa X-frame robot enclosure and starts the task program. The components move almost silently and the display at the cabinet bottom shows the message “Everything o.k.” The mechanical engineer at Sematek knows that the KUKA robot will now work automatically with its laser beam and that the blanks must be inserted on one side and the milled parts must be removed on the other side. Round foam parts, precisely machined, recall the rim of a bicycle. These parts are in deed required for the manufacture of carbon rims, explains Rück and when he watches the Tour de France on TV these days, he knows that he, and also häwa, have indirectly something to do with most of the bicycles, used on the Tour de France, since his robots could not work without häwa enclosures.

Carbon rims are the best rims that are currently available on the market because they are extremely light and solid. Such a bike, equipped with a carbon-reinforced

Sematek fine-pore foam core, costs up to 5.000 euros. Actually, about 15.000 bikes are worldwide manufactured each year and the demand is increasingly high. Experts assume soon a demand of 200.000 bikes per month.

“Since 2007, we have been developing innovative complete solutions for mechanical engineering here in the Allgäu”, says Oliver Rück, “and are mainly supplying modern production plants that are looking for cost-effective and effective production processes for new products”, such like a bike manufacturer from Friedrichshafen.

When developing such solutions, we as medium-sized company, have the advantage to react quickly and to look for the best solutions while talking with the customer. And that's exactly what he appreciates with his own suppliers. “A perfect machine cell, as we require, cannot be purchased off the shelf, it must be planned, developed and then custom-made. Häwa is the sole manufacturer, who offers such a high degree of quality and flexibility.” The company from Wain has developed with the X-frame program a modular system which can be extended and modified according to the customers' requirements. Owing to its simple design, in which all cables are routed in the struts in a protected manner, further cable ducts and components are not required. “We know that our enclosures are used worldwide in various industries”, says deputy sales manager of häwa, Stefan Kaufer. And we are very happy, if we can currently contribute our success to the success of the Tour de France.”

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Reinvent the wheel
Reinvent the wheel

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