thermal shock test chamber

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high and low temperature test chamber

1. The thermal shock tester is divided into three sections: the high temperature chamber, the low temperature chamber and the testing chamber.

2. The color touch panel control system was made in Japan can display Chinese / English. The big size liquid-crystal LCD has been adopted.

3. High formula memory capacity may be set to 120 patterns. The maximum cycle setting is 9999cycles. The maximum setting of each section is 999 Hrs 59 Mins.

Test standard:

GB/T2423.1-1989 Basic test procedures for electrical and electronic products

GB/T2423.2-1989 High temperature test method

GJB150.5-86 Military environmental test method temperature shock test

GJB360.7-87 Thermal shock test

SJ/T10187-91Y73 Series of temperature change test box - box type

SJ/T10186-91Y73 Series of temperature change test box - two box type

GB/T2424.13-2002 Test methods; guidelines for temperature variations

QC/T17-92 General rules for weathering test of automotive components

EIA 364-32 Environmental impact assessment of electrical connectors and sockets

thermal shock test chamber
thermal shock test chamber

1. Provide with RS-232C communication interface device, capable of controlling / editing/ recording in the linkage with the computer and two set dynamic connection point and convenient application. 2. Both 2 zone and 3 zone shocks can be chosen. 3. All equipment is fully automatic, and all process are precisely controlled with P.L.C.’S.

thermal shock test chamber

1. Of any part of the malfunctions, the machine will automatically shuts down and a warning light switches on. 2. Machine can be shut down automatically in case of electrical power instabilities

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