Sofa Durability Testing Equipment

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Furniture Simulation Test Machines

1.This tester simulates the normal conditions of usage to determine the sofa’s endurance under a long-term repeatability loading. The principle is to simulate normal functional use to determine the strength of the three-sofa structure by applying to seating and backrest with loads. Using a certain shape and load modules, with specific form, frequency, respectively, repeating load seating, backrest and armrest. Three tests can work together or independently, also the test position is adjustable.

2.Three Seating and backrest test modules, one armrest test modules

Seat load: 750 N;

Backrest load: 400N

Timer: 0~999,999

Cyclic and holding time: 0~99.9S

Specimen size: (L×W×H) about 2200×1200×1200mm

Weight: about 400kg

Power: 1∮ ,AC220V,50Hz

Air source: 7kg/ cm2

Sofa durability testing machine
sofa durability testing equipments

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