Chair back strength durability test

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Chair structural strength test machine

1 Purpose

This machine is simulated in everyday conditions, inspection rocking chair bearing durability. The test will be a certain shape, quality of load modules, placed on the seat in the rear seat back repeatedly push and pull action until after a certain number of test bearing conditions, this test can always conducive to improved product mix, eliminating potential quality problems, improve product durability and reliability.

2, the principle

Rocking chair with a seat surface shaped back position, the weight of the horizontal load of the module to load in the form of the predetermined frequency repetitive load movement.

3, the main technical parameters

Swing amplitude 300 ~ 500mm

Calculator 0 ~ 999,999 times (adjustable

Weights 10KG (of 15)

Maximum counterweight weight 150KG

Dimensions (approx.) (L * W * H) 1650 * 1300 * 2150mm

Power 3 ∮, AC380V, 50Hz

Chair structural  strength test machine

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