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The utility model discloses a zero-drop test machine. The machine comprises an impact baseplate and an electric cabinet, wherein a steel vertical frame is arranged on the impact baseplate; a screw rod is arranged in the vertical frame; a lifting seat is arranged outside the screw rod in a penetrating manner; a connecting rod is arranged on the lifting seat; a fixed plate is arranged on the connecting rod; a lifting bar is arranged on the fixed plate; an E-shaped support frame capable of moving up and down is arranged on the lower side of the lifting bar; a U-shaped fender rod is also arranged on the vertical frame; and a display screen is arranged on the electric cabinet. When the zero-drop test machine is in use, the electric cabinet is controlled to enable a package part fixed between the lifting bar and the support frame to drop to the impact baseplate, so as to carry out impact test on edges, corners and planes; the height of the lifting bar can be adjusted according to actual needs, so as to acquire test parameters in different situations; the package part has low probability of slippage during tests; and the zero-drop test machine is particularly suitable for doing drop tests on cubic package parts, and is cleaner, more environment-friendly and space-saving than the traditional hydraulic lifting structure.

The principle:

During the products handling or transport process, there may be drop/ fall, which results in damage within the products. And this device simulates the drop/ fall of a finished product to evaluate the damage. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the products can be tested.

Drop height 100-1000mm

Drop test Corners, edges , faces of sample

Drive mode Motor drive

Protection device Induction type protection device

Panel material 45# steel, solid steel plate

Arm material 45# steel

Height display Digital

Operate mode PLC

Driving mode Taiwan Linear slider and copper guide

Design standard

ASTM D5276-98, ISTA 1A (free drop)

zero drop test machine
zero drop test machine

Purpose: This machine is designed to test the product packaging fall by the damage, and evaluation of the transportation handling the Wings Drop Testing Machines in China process of impact resistance strength.

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