incline impact test machine

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packaging impact test machine

Load capacity 600kg (can be customized)

Impact surface dimension 1600*2200mm (can be customized)

Rolling carriage table dimension 1220*1220mm (can be customized)

Control system Touch screen controller

Max. slide length 2200mm (can be customized)

Plane inclined to the vertical angle 0°, 15°(can be customized)

Velocity range 1.1~2.3m/s

Impact surface material Rubber wood with two-rail steel track

Working condition Temperature 0~40°, humidity ≤80% (no condensation)

Floor area 7220*1800mm


1. Flexible positioning and electric trolley. It is easy to fix and achieve the changeable value of speed.

2. The height of trolley is relatively low so that is easy to fix the specimen; the strong impact resistance board can guarantee the fastness of the structure.

3. The trolley can be adjusted to be horizontal in order to fix the specimen for customer. The angle adjustment is driven by air cylinder which is flexible and convenient.

4. In order to keep the test staff completely safe, the tester is with remote control function.

5. Before testing, the customer only needs to fix the tester on the ground when stalling it, no other complicated operation.

Design Standards

ISTA 3E, 3J & ISTA 6 (inclined impact test)

incline impact test machine

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