Hand strollers lift down tester

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Hand strollers durability tester

Brief Introduction:

This machine is to test the upholding and pushing durability property of the baby stroller according to ASTM Standards. The test method is: place the baby model in the stroller, leave the trailing wheel 150mm high from the ground when lifting the stroller; leave the front wheel 150mm high from the ground when pushing it, repeat this method continuously for 3000 times at the speed of 15±1 per minute, and check whether the stroller is damaged. The machine will stop automatically when it up to its set-up times, so there is no need to watch it.

Main Parameters:

Automatic timer LED, 1~9999 times

Testing space can be customized

Dimension of the machine (L×W×H) 1650x1100x1900mm

Weight 850kg

Power 1∮, AC220V/ 50Hz

The usage:

1.Position the vehicle on a horizontal surface without the parking device applied.

2.Place the test mass as for the stability test. If the vehicle is designed for more than one child use any

number of appropriate test masses, up to one in each place intended to be occupied by a child.

3.Alternately raise and lower the handle(s) by applying a vertical force to the handle so that the rear wheels and front wheels in turn are raised (120 ± 10) mm, measured at the start of the test from the floor and then lowered in a controlled manner without pause (see Figure A).

4.Carry out the test for a total of 10 000 cycles at a frequency of (15 ± 2) cycles/min.

Hand strollers lift down durability tester

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