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1.Main Feature:

· Ventilation system: Automatic controlled by temperature controller, and inner chamber cooled by refrigerating system

· Back panel thermometer: adopt wired transmission technology, which highly improve the control accuracy.

· Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature body.

· Equip with intelligent temperature and humidity controller, with PID adjustment and rapid self-turning. It can set several parameters to do cyclic test, directly digital temperature display for easy reading.

· Multiple protective devices: Over temperature protection, water leakage alarm, over pressure of compressor, electricity leakage protection, alarm and auto power offer protection. In order to protect Xenon light, the light will turn off automatically once open the door.

2.Main Parameter:

Chamber Temperature 40±3℃

Temperature Uniformity ≤3℃

Blank panel temperature 65±3℃

Humidity Range 55%-90%

Irradiated intensity 0.35±0.02w/m²at 340nm (within±10%)

Xenon lamp power 6.KW water-cooled xenon lamp x 1pc

3.Test Standard:

GB12831-86 Vulcanized rubber artificial climate (xenon lamp) Aging Test Method

GB/T1644.2-1999Plastics laboratory light exposure test method

GB/T8427-89 textile color fastness test, resistance to artificial light fastness xenon arc

GB/T8430-98 textile color fastness test, resistance to artificial light fastness xenon arc

GB/T1865-97 Paints, varnishes, artificial weather aging and artificial radiation exposure

GB/T16991-97 textile color fastness test,

GB/T5137.3-96 simulated climate test method of resistant to radiation, heat, humidity, burning

GB/T16259-96 color building materials, artificial climate accelerated aging test method.

xenon aging testing chambers

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