Foam ball rebound testing machine

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foam flexible test machine

1.Main function:

The machine is in accordance with the GB/T6670-2008 design and manufacturing, with ASTM D3574 and ISO8307 American Standard testing standards. At the same time with the Japanese car seat test methods forurethane foam SES N3296. Suitable for performance ball rebound off thedetermination of soft polyurethane foam. This instrument is given by steel balldiameter and quality at a specified height free fall on the foam sample the maximum height of the ball, and the calculation of ball rebound height of fall the percentage of both the rebound rate, said resilience foam to rebound rate. This machine uses the microprocessor to control, liquid crystal Chinese display, and print the test data. The machine has the advantages of safety, reliability, high measuring accuracy.

2.Main technical parameters:

Ball drop distance:  460 ± 0.5%mm (GB) 500 ± 0.5%mm (American Standard)

The ball diameter:  16 ± 0.05 - mm

Falling ball rebound rate accuracy:  <0.5%

Sample size is tested: 100 mm (long) x 100 mm (wide) x 50mm (high)

3.Design standards: 

GB/T 6670-2008

foam ball  rebound testing machines

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