Leather Case Pumpy Test Equipment

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Leather Case Pumpy Test Equipment   applies to wheeled suitcase,bags and baby carriages…a walking test,test the quality of luggage when walking around. From the test mileage, test speed, we can know the heat rupture of wheel,loss volume of wheel, any deformation of the integral construction.


The parameter:

Test Speed 0~5 km/hr adjustable

Time Setting 0~999.9 hours, outage memory

Bump Plate 5mm, 8 pieces

Belt Perimeter 380 cm

Belt Width 76 cm

Attachment Suitcase fixed seat adjustment

Machine Size (L×W×H) 220×180×160 cm

Weight 360 Kg

Power 220V/50Hz

Design Criteria:

QB/T 2920-2007

Leather Case Pumpy Test Equipment

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