Foam Fatigue Testing Machine

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Foam Fatigue Testing Machine


The machine is used to test foam fatigue by repeating indentation of a test piece by an indentor smaller in area than the test piece, the maximum load reached during each cycle being kept within specified limits. After finish test, check the determination of indentation hardness characteristics according to 1S0 2439 test standards.

Design standard:

Standards: ISO 3385-1989、GB/T18941-2003、ASTM 3574

Foam Fatigue Testing Machine
Foam Fatigue Testing Machine

Attentions 1. Where the original in Dongguan, Shenzhen installation of our products, if the product moved to outside Dongguan, Shenzhen-area use, whether or not within the effective warranty period, the transportation and travel expenses of the service personnel should be paid by the client. 2. All customers outside of Guangdong province, whether or not in the warranty period, the service of transportation and travel expenses paid by the customer. 3. The apparatus try not to be used in the following situations: a Vibration, rocking the occasion. b Direct sunlight. c Hot, dusty, damp places. d To ensure safe, AC supply of the machine should be well grounded. e Do not use strong solvents (such as: benzene, nitro oil) washing machine. f Do not inject water and debris into the machine, prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock. 4. Instrument displays the disassembly and debugging can only be measured by the State Department approved the units and the company, other people not allowed to overhaul.

Constant temperature and humidity chambers

This series machine stimulate various temperature and humidity environment,it is suitable for test electronics,electrical appliances,food,automobile,rubber andplastic,metal print products and furniture products,based on GB/T10586,GJB150.6A,GB/T22894,JJF|101,GB/2423.3,GB/T2423.4,IEC68-2-30,GB/T4857.2,GB/T9278;provide customer with reliable testing report under harsh environment that improve the quality of products.

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