Managed Network Ethernet Server with Rack-mounted



AOBO Snet 3100 type of industrial rack-mounted serial port Ethernet servers are the serial port networking communication products developed for the high-end customers and specially designed for the serial port equipment that realizes the concentrated monitoring via network. This series offer 8-way, 16-way and 32-way serial port models for the selection. Snet 3100 series integrate the TCP/IP protocol inside it. The products are intended for the data transmission between the serial port and Ethernet and allow the addition of the Ethernet interface for the serial port equipment conveniently. They are used between the serial port equipment and PC machine or for the remote communication between several serial port equipment. Snet 3100 series of serial port Ethernet server equipment offers the industrial level product with the wide temperature range and is capable of the stable and normal operation under the temperature of -40℃~85℃. Snet3100 has the 10M/100M self-adaptation Ethernet interface and the maximum baud rate of the serial port communication is 460.8Kbps. It supports several working modes, such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP and Real COM and remote configuration method and provides the users with more flexible application environment.

Features & Advantages

√ Adopt the inbuilt real-time operating system, with the stable and reliable performance

√ Provide the rich working modes and realize the function of immediate networking for the serial port equipment

√ Support Real Com/TTY drive and fully compatible with the original software system

√ Have the general transparent transmission modes, such as TCP Server, TCP Client and UDP.

√ Serial the modes of direct interconnection and reverse terminal for the serial port server

√ Allow the configuration management through the web browser or TELNET terminal

√ Attach the management software under the Windows platform and provide the strong management functions

√ Allow the free selection of RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serial port types

Performance Parameters:

Gigabit Ethernet interfaces:

Number of Ports 2

Speed: 10/100Mbps auto-adapted MDI/MDIX

Type of interface: 8-core RJ45

Electromagnetic isolation protection: Inbuilt 1.5KV

Serial Port:

Number of Ports 8、16、32

Type of interface :8-core RJ45

Serial Port Protection inbuilt 15KV ESD protection

RS485 protection 2 KV optoelectronic isolation protection (optional)

Serial Port Communication Parameters:

Data bits: 5、6、7、8

Stop bit: 1、1.5、2

Check bit: None、Even、Odd、Space、Mark


Baud: 110bps--460.8kbps

Serial Port Signals:


RS-422 TX+、RX+、RX-、TX-、GND

RS-485 Data+、Data-、GND



Safety protocol: AES、SSH(optional)

Deploy method: WEB、Telnet、Wingdows Utility

Windows Real Com drive: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000,Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 Linux Real TTYdrive:Linux kernel 2.4.x,2.6.x

Electrical and mechanical indicators:

Power supply: 24VDC or 220VAC

Power consumption: 1.5W(full load)

Maximum Operating Current: 300MA

Size :100mm X 53mm X 143mm

Safety standard: UL、Cul、CE/EN60950

Impact protection:4000W(12Us)

Surge protection: Inbuilt 2KV surge protection

Mechanical Properties:

Weight: 2.96Kg (including the stand)

Size :437mm X 259mm X 44mm

Installation method: Rack-mounted

Power supply requirement: Input voltage AC220V/DC48V

Working Environment:

Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃

Relative humidity :0-95% non-condensation

Managed  Network Ethernet Server with Rack-mounted

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