M42 Bi-metal Band Saw Blade/Arbets/Cutting tools

Hangzhou Simsen Machinery Company

●Welding with 4% Cr and M42 HSS

● Best wear resistance

● High cutting accuracy

● Strong wear and fatigue resistance

● Best cutting performance in high vibration


Arbets composes with 4% chromium backing material and M42 HSS

tooth material. It has outstanding performance in high-vibration

applications because of reducing tungsten and carbon contents. Such

as cutting for thick-wall tube, profiles and bundle. High cobalt

content(8%) makes tooth with the best wear resistance. For cutting

hardness less than HRC46 carbon alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel and non-ferrous metals

M42 Bi-metal Band Saw Blade/Arbets/Cutting tools

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