NEW Launched Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

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SO2, NOx, O2, Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Humidity

Based on UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy technology and increasing demand on portable gas analyzer, Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd.(China) has designed and developed EM-5P portable flue gas analyzer which consists of gun-type sampling probe, heating pipe, analyzer body and sample conditioning unit.It can be used to monitor SO2, NO, O2 and other gas in flue gas. The detection low limit can reach 0.1mg/m3. As per different field condition, multiple components can be measured at same time, also including temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and etc.


1. Adopt DOAS technology to detect SO2/NOx of ultra low concentration, free from the interference of dust, moisture, CO, CO2, HCl and other background gas.

2. Combine with white cell technology, the optical length can be extended to 10m and detection lower limit can reach 0.1mg/m3, which meets the accuracy required for ultra low emission.

3. Innovated high resolution spectrophotometer, increasing signal-noise ratio and detection ability of ultra low concentration;

4. Directly measure NO and NO2, no converter needed.

5. Support various output modes, such as printer, APP, wifi, RS232 and etc.

6. Only 3 pcs fluoride pipe required on site; just connect as per printed mark

7. Self-developed core technology and algorithm; has competitive advantage in the market.


Coal-fired power plant, gas-fired power plant, cement, steel making plant and etc.

Comparison acceptance for online monitoring instrument, emergency monitoring, instrument calibration, enterprise self-checking

New Launched Portable Flue Gas Analyzer
New Launched Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

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