TP2 Battery Changer Thermal Protector

Hengxin Precision Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

Bimetal type, Small size, Normally Closed and Normally Open

The TP2 Series of Thermal Protector, manufactured by Hengxin Precision Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., is specifically designed for fractional horsepower motor, fluorescent ballasts, and so on.


*Miniature size: L18.5*W6.7*H3.6 mm, wire length = 50mm

*With high grade thermoplastic insulated case

*It is configured in a compact design

*With superior heat response and quick response, making the tool generate more efficiently.


*Rated voltage: AC 250V / 125V (50/60Hz)

*Rated current: 6A /12A

*Rated open temperature range: 45~140℃, in steps of 5℃

*Contact type: Normally Closed & Normally Open

*It is with plastic housing and epoxy sealing.

*Authentication certificate: UL, VDE

TP2 Battery Changer Thermal Protector
TP2 Battery Changer Thermal Protector

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